Toggle stack not working in Chrome

(Bram Stadhouders) #1

Hi! Since upgrading from Rapidweaver 5 to 7, the “Toggle” stacks I used on a page doesn’t work anymore in Chrome browser. It does work in Safari.

Here’s the page:

If you check this site with both browsers it should be visible what the Toggle stack is supposed to do.

Thanks a lot for helping!

(Jason Bostick) #2

In Chrome on Windows, your toggles seem to be working for me (2018 doesn’t seem to be contained within a toggle)

(Bram Stadhouders) #3

Okay that’s good to know! Would be interesting if someone on Mac with Chrome says it also works for them!

(Anne Bourdon) #4

yes, it works for me on chrome for mac (Version 63.0.3239.132), but not for year 2018.

But, I have the same problem with Safari (Version 11.0.3 )

(system) #5

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