Toolbar has disappeared

(Sabrina Brando) #1

The toolbar which is at the bottom of pages where you can link, adjust colour and font is present in all pages but no longer in the stacks 4 pages in my RW8. When I choose a styled page or others it is there but not on the stacks page which means I cannot link etc. Does anyone know what might be going on? In tutorials of stacks in RW8 I do see this toolbar. Please see attached photo for the bar I mean. Thank you.

(Joe Martin) #2

in Stacks 4 that moved inside of the text edit window.

(Sabrina Brando) #3

Thank you, were do I find this?

(Sabrina Brando) #4

found it thanks. But how do I now link photo to another page for example?

(Sabrina Brando) #5

also found it now, thank you Joe!!

(Joe Martin) #6

Double click on graphic…a link button shows up

(Joe Martin) #7

No problem

(Sabrina Brando) #8

Hi Joe, I want to decrease the banner height, where do I do this?

(Joe Martin) #9

Depends on your theme

(Sabrina Brando) #10

Aspen from Nick Cates, I have found it in the other theme, but not this one yet

I also cannot find how to make the sidebar/footer less high in Formloom, while in stacks it works