Help with Nav.Bar page inspector

A week ago I used the ‘Branding’ in Nav.Bar to enter the company name + a logo. Now that function has disappeared from the page inspector.

Odd. Have you restarted RW? Your computer?

Yes; restarted both. The page inspector menu for Nav.Bar does not go lower than HTML.

Next, I’d try reinstalling the stack. It may be corrupt.

I do not know how to remove the old stack, so I simply reinstalled the stack. Made no difference.

From the RW8 menu, select “Reveal Addons Folder”. A finder window will open. In there, open the “Stacks” folder. This is where all of your stacks are saved. Delete the file for the .stack file and re-install. If the stack is part of a group of stacks, you will not see a stack file for the individual stack. In that case, you remove the group stack and reinstall.

I have removed a stacks folder; have reinstalled stacks and foundry. The page inspector still does not show anything below HTML for the Nav.Bar, so I cannot edit the NavBar

I’m out of suggestions. @isaiah may be able to help.

Does the appropriate nav bar menu show up if you create a brand new project and add the stack?

that’s a strange one.
can someone tell me what stack this is – perhaps forward me a copy so that i can take a look myself?

the screenshot on the original post shows (righthand image) the stack has only the generic Info Sidebar items – none of the custom items are there at all. this sort of implies that the stack is not loading correctly.

  • are all other stacks working OK?
  • does the Nav.Bar stack have the correct icon in the Stacks Library?
  • when you click on the Nav.Bar stack in the Stacks Library the pane at the bottom of the library shows info about the stack – what version number is listed?
  • the version number of Stacks is displayed in the upper righthand corner of the Edit Mode pane – where you select and move stacks around. it’s faded gray to stay unnoticed until you need it. what version number is listed there?

I believe it’s part of the Foundry stacks. I’m not at my Mac right now so can’t check or forward to you.


The OP did mention it was Foundry. The images shown there at the top seem to have slightly different stack names. One seems to have a period after the word Nav but with no space between the period and the word Bar, while the other seems to have a space… I know it is a little thing, and I can’t be completely sure from the screenshot, but they might be two different stacks? Not sure. Really hard to tell.

If @traut would like to send me a ZIP file containing his Foundry stack from the Stacks folder, as well a copy of the project file, I can try and take a look. You can email that ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the ZIP file is more than say 4 or 5 mb, please send it using Dropbox or a similar service.

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