Missing toolbar at bottom of page


I am new to RW, so the question might be because I don´t understand the system.

I am writing a page and want to put an URL link.

But I cannot see the toolbar at the bottom of the page, which I can see in the tutorials and manual.


Hi there,

Welcome! Which page type are you using? The toolbar containing the “Add Link” option is available in Styled Text pages, and other pages that use the same Styled Text areas (blog etc).


Ok, thanks!

So, in a HTML-page I will have to write all the code from scratch? (No hints?)

My problem then is that if I place a current html-page those links refer to /images/xxx.jpg, and I do not know how to re-reference them in the RW-environment.


Do I have to upload the images to the site before previewing on the local computer?

If the images are added as a Resource in the project, you can use a special resource “macro” to retrieve a valid path to the image.

%resource(my-image-name.jpg)% as the image’s src attribute for example.

If you use a Styled Text page, you can of course drag in images from the Finder and RW will do the work for you :slight_smile:


I succeeded to do what I intended: a site with a sub-page (iframe) containing a Wordpress on a separate site (domain) so that the users wouldn´t know that the wordpress is separate from the main site.


I had the same problem suddenly after updating to Stacks 4.
Then I noticed that, within each text stack, on double clicking, there appeared a little toolbar with the necessary formatting and linking tools at the top.
Took me a while to find it!