Top Bar Menu doesn't work on iPad mini

I use Foundation 1. The Top Bar Menu doesn’t work on my iPad mini (1st generation, 1024 by 768 pixels). Furthermore, it doesn’t show the menu items in landscape mode at all! In portrait mode, the sandwich symbol is visible, but not clickable. Please see:

It works on my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and iMac Pro and in all RapidWeaver simulations of resolutions, but not on the actual iPad mini.

Does anybody have an idea why?

Is it really a 1st generation?

If so, that could be at least part of the problem. That’s iOS 9.3.x (latest supported version).

I checked on my iPad (5th generation) iOS 15.1 and it seems to work fine.

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Hello Doug, yes, it really is a 1st generation (No. A1455) and it runs iOS 9.3.6. Probably, you are right. I didn’t expect problems like this kind of lacking downward compatibility.

According to Wikipedia, iOS 9.3.6 was using Safari 9:

If you use a website like then you’ll see support for things we take for granted in modern web design (like CSS flexbox, grid, calc, variables and transforms) quickly go into ‘unsupported’ territory, with these older versions of Safari. So I suspect that is the reason things don’t look right for you.

I own an original 1st generation iPad. The very first iPad model ever released way-back in 2010. The ones without cameras on them! It still works as good as the day it came out the box. Except it is near impossible to browse any website on it. Even and won’t load on it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sadly, things have to move on.


Thanks, Will! Sounds logical.

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