Foundation Top-Bar Malfunction With iPad

Hi Guys

The issue I am about to describe has me totally confused - if anyone can see where I may be at fault or can identify where the resolution may be I will be extremely grateful.

Build - RW 7.4 + Foundation - Site url =

Issue - Top Bar Display Not Appearing On Specific Pages On a specific device namely iPad

So during my build and testing of my new test site all appeared to be running smoothly.

Site pages were rendering as expected via my desktop browsers of Safari , Chrome , Opera all without issue.

Indeed even within Safari’s developer mode was invoked I was able to witness the various breakpoints of the Top-Bar collapsing to the traditional hamburger menu - all well and good.

My issues however started when I reviewed my site on an iPad

Initially all pages rendered as expected both in the landscape and portrait orientations.My Top-Bar in landscape would be full width and after rotation to portrait the hamburger menu would appear and function as one would expect.

When I clicked on my link to a page entitled “Newsletter” the fun began to start -

In landscape mode only the dropzone section of the menu appeared - all the other links were mysteriously absent.

Turning the device to portrait revealed that the hamburger menu appeared but would not function.

Choosing different site links the top-bar would be restored until I came to yet another site page at which replicated the same problems I experienced with the Newsletter page.

These issues seems specific to iPad and not desktops nor iPhone 6S where only the hamburger menu comes into operation.

Thinking that maybe there was a corrupt file in the two pages I deleted the Top-Bar stack and then inserted my top-bar partial and republished.

This did not cure the problem.

I thought then that maybe a corrupt file on my server was to blame.

I duly deleted the entire site and re-published.

This too has not yielded any resolution hence my call for any and all assistance or words of wisdom.


After much much head scratching and painful thought - not to mention a day of extremely low productivity trying to get to the bottom of this I can at least share with those of you who have kindly read my earlier post what I have since discovered.

Following the above and recognising the effects I had observed were definitely specific to two pages I looked more closely and realised that both pages had BWD stacks that were unique to those pages - namely the Tilt / Zoom stacks.

What I then did was to rebuild duplicate pages from the ground up , stack by stack , but leaving out the aforementioned Tilt / Zoom.

To my surprise the rebuilt duplicated pages did not suffer the same fate.

Of course to test my theory I re-inserted the Tilt / Zoom stacks and unsurprisingly I was able to reproduce the issue.

Not having a clue about coding or the finer workings of RW and / or stacks my ‘skills’ came to an end at this point but at least I now know where the problem lays.

I have written to Andrew Tavernor at BWD to alert him to this very bizarre malfunction - I’m sure Andrew will in the fullness of time look into solving the problem and hopefully it saves you guys the headaches I have endured.

All the best & kind regards

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