Top Bar - Menu items don't show on IPad portrait view

I notice that menu items don’t show on an iPad when in Portrait mode. They show fine in Landscape. Is there someway to resolve this? I’d prefer to keep the menu as is, rather than show a mobile menu.

Hard to say without a url, but I would venture to guess you are just out of room, your menu is larger than your screen space.

You can adjust the breakpoint in topbar.

Either adjust the breakpoint for when you see the mobile menu. Changes are your menu items are too long or too many to display on tablet.

I wonder if it’s possible to have the mobile menu when the Top Bar items exceed the width of the screen (portrait), and full menu for Landscape?

Then inside Top Bar, set the mobile menu to be display on Mobile and Tablet.

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Great, this works fine! Thanks all…

I know this is a separate question, and I’ll post it separately if required, is there a way to pin a footer to the bottom of a screen?

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