TotalCMS Adding a Video

I want to add video to my posts. It displays the same video on the rest of the posts.

How are you adding it?

What you should be doing is embedding it directly in the hipwig editor. Right along with your text and inline images.

To make it a little clearer for you…
The page that the blog posts are displayed on gets the blog content dynamically, there is only one page for all posts. Anything you add to that page outside of the blog post stack will appear on every blog post page.

Inside the blogpost stack the content is dynamic.

I have used the video admin stack and video display stack, I think they are there to be used . The final result is the same, using them inside or outside the Blog post stack, the video URL is the same for each other post

Nope, that’s not how you do it on a dynamic blog page and that is why the same one shows on every post.

You need to embed the video in the hipwig editor.

You could possibly also use the extra content child stack although I’ve never tried that.

I have embeded the video url inside the hipwig editor, saved, and it wont show up on Blog Post.

MY question is,the Video stack is for what? If it does not work? Any tutorial about other content than text and photos?

Please show me a screen shot of your hipwig editor tool bar. Do you have the video embed tool turned on?

The video stack (like other TotalCms stacks) are intended for use on normal CMS pages. Blog Post page is an entirely different beast. That is why there are the built in child stacks (blue + bottom of stack).

Also a url to that blog post page may be helpful.

Edit: there are videos and a doc portal for TotalCms on Click on stacks and search for TotalCms follow the links

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I have deleted the Video stack from both pages (Blog List, Admin Blog Post) and BINGO!
Everything started working again, the saved video appears in the hipwig editor, and the most important I can delete my categories.

I still don´t know how to have a list of Categories visible like the one from the last video from Joe Workman CMS1.4 TotalBlog
I have seen all videos about TotalCMS, but there is other features I don´t know how to implement (date list etc)

Have a look at the blog Filter stack

Thanks. That´s it . it has no preview, but it works!

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