Video gallery stack needed

Hi all. I am working on a Foundry site for a client and they want a media gallery page that has thumbnails of their videos on one half of the page and when you click a video, it plays in place on the page on the other half of the page. They don’t want the videos to pup up above the page or fill the screen. Every video stack I have looked at opens the selected video above the page. Any suggestions?

Maybe this one would fit your needs: VideoWall Stack for RapidWeaver

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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Well, I showed it to my client and they want to be able to give customers direct URLs to specific videos so they don’t want to have to send them to the media page with all of the videos. They also don’t want to send them to YouTube to view a specific video. I could not find anything in this stack to pull from self-hosted videos. Did I miss that somewhere? If it can’t do that, any suggestions on a media stack that will offer all of the features this one does, but let me pull videos from their own server? Personally I love this stack, but clients want what they want. :roll_eyes:

@AstraeaMarketing … and does the client want customers to watch the video on a dedicated page (i.e. 50 videos = 50 pages) or do they want clients to be able to download the videos (that’s how I interpret “pull” from the server). At any rate this should be very easy to do either way.

There are several stacks that allow you to view 1 hosted video on a page. If I remember correctly the Video stack that comes with Foundry will allow you to do just that.

If they want customers to be able to download the video you can upload each video to a dedicated address after being zipped. Click relevant link and video will automatically download.

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My client just wants their customers to stay on their site to view the videos (not download them). And their salespeople want each video to have its own unique URL they can send to their customers to view a specific video. They don’t like the idea of sending the URL for the videos on YouTube. Personally, I think this will be cumbersome. They don’t want the videos to show in a modal view above the page but rather on the page in place. So it looks like I will have to manually build a gallery of videos and when clicked on a new page opens with the video on it. That’s the only way I can think of to give each video its own unique URL without sending them to YouTube. Personally I think this is going to be cumbersome and pain to build. I loved the stack that Matthias recommended above as it would have made building a large media page a breeze. But, we can’t have things be easy, right? haha

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Yes, what they want is “cumbersome” but easy to do. I don’t think you need to create a gallery at all … unless you are committed to a gallery for some reason. Based on your client’s needs just create a video page for each video. (Along with any needed headers/text.) This will be quite easy to do but may take some time.

If you are using Foundry 3 then use the Video stack … it will allow you to use self-hosted videos. In addition there are several other video stacks that will allow you to do that same (but why not use Foundry’s stack if you already have it).

You’ll need to upload the client videos to a dedicated folder on their web domain. For instance create a folder here:

You’ll need to copy the full URL to each video to use in the F3 Video stack.

Upon reflection, I wouldn’t actually say all of this is “cumbersome”. It’s not super fast to do, but it is easy to do. Just a bit of manual labor. But, honestly, it will probably take less time than you’ve already taken on this question at the forum. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what your client “sells” but I can absolutely understand how some folks would want a dedicated page for each video. Makes complete sense to me … they don’t want their clients to be confused or distracted by “other stuff”.

Appreciate the feedback.

After talking to the client more, they want a gallery of all of their videos grouped by category on a page. But they want each video to have its own URL. So the only way I can do this is create the gallery of thumbnails and as each video is clicked on, open a new browser window with that video. Then each video has its own page and unique URL. I feel it’s cumbersome and honestly don’t get why they want to do this when they have a YouTube channel filled with videos neatly organized by category. Their sales team could just send the URL for specific videos to customers that way.

And, I have used Foundry 3’s video stack to place single videos on a page so if I end up doing what I described above, that’s most likely what I’d use. I’ve shared some different options with my client based on feedback I’ve received here and my own suggestions. They are weighing the options and will let me know next week what direction they want to go.