Transferring Styles between (identical) Themes

Using this page as a guide, I’ve made progress.

But the process still isn’t really working.

Should I be Saving from and reloading into:

  • the Styles in each page’s Style tab (Page Inspector), as that page of Jonathan’s directs, or
  • into the Master Style in Settings (RW 7.0.2)

What role does ‘Theme Default’ play? In Flexture, for instance, clicking on ‘Theme Default’ in Settings > Master Style reverts all the Theme’s display parameters to those that ship with Flexture losing all my settings!

And, finally, what about ‘Use Master Style’?

I have successfully edited a Theme Style using BBEdit, although it loses the correct icon; and although the Style’s name seems to need changing in more than that one place in the file’s last six lines.

I can certainly see what’s meant to happen:

  • save all the theme’s parameters from one Project (or is it from one Theme?)
  • edit them only inasmuch as you make the Style available to another Theme by changing the appropriate string for that in the XML
  • load the parameters back into the other Theme/Project

But Where: each Page or the Master Style?

And what of the effect that Master Style has?

TIA to anyone who’s really made this work for any guidance you can offer!