Working on same project/theme from different computers

Hi all,

I am working with my client from different computers on the same (project) the theme is Endeavor and it is saved in dropbox. On my computer everything looks great, on his it does not although he has same stacks, same pictures banners, same theme which I have modified a bit (css) which I am using . Any idea what would be the problem and why we are getting different layouts and why it does not work proper on his computer. Thanks

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Suggest using DropBox with caution!

Has your client also applied the same CSS modifications as you have to the theme?

If so - how?

RW 5 or RW 6?

A URL and examples will probably help.

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What would be better to use for sharing?
I have modified the CSS and exported a copy for him to download and use the same
He is using RW6 and the latests version too.
the URL :
Issues: pic banners do not show, Map2 does not work, post office, also the banner transparency on my computer looks good on his it looks longer in hight) etc…

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Dropbox will not inevitably cause disaster - but you do need to exercise care, as that thread illustrates.

Are you wanting to share RW 6 Project files?

What are you changing; what is your client changing?

When you say you ‘save’ the Theme (Endeavor) in DropBox, what exactly do you mean?

There will be greater functionality in the upcoming RW 7 for supporting (some such) file synching across computers.

Until then, the Themes should reside in ~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes

Where and how did you modify the CSS?

I think I’d suggest that you only change the CSS from within the Master Style of one project in RW 6.

You can certainly save your changes as a distinct style and - after revealing the Styles in the Finder (~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver6/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Theme Styles) - send your client the resulting file (a group of settings) for him to load into his Project. Provided he first has both the Endeavor Theme and an identical copy of the Project file, which you could certainly exchange, bearing in mind the above caveats re DropBox, via DropBox.

Actively trying to synch and share Themes saved in DropBox on the fly as it seems you may have been doing is definitely not to be advised, I’m sorry.

You might want to get everything stable on one version (your machine), then send him everything (Project, Theme (licencing permitting) and Theme Styles) working as you want them to. He too ought to be able to publish at that point without problems.

RW 6, though, is not really designed as a collaborative tool in the way I think you may have been attempting.

An alternative is to use a Content Management System like Armadillo: you set it all up and your client can then easily change the actual text and images via his browser.

Good luck!


Thank you Mark, Yes the aim is sharing RW project so both of us can work on it and changes can be anything from text to images etc. I appreciate your time explaining to me what to do. I will check and follow what you have suggested and hoping it will work. PS: although I have Armadillo but never tried it before, maybe it’s time to explore it more. Thank you once again. regards Monica

Monica - you’re very welcome; I’m sorry you’re having these difficulties!

Thanks for clarifying. May I suggest that you thoroughly investigate Armadillo, then?

From what you say, it’s probably the way to go if two of you want to update the site.

NimbleHost’s products are top notch. Once you understand the principles and have set it up, it becomes second nature.

Essentially you ‘earmark’ anything that needs to be changed as an Armadillo component. The database does the rest.

How about getting everything working as you want on your machine - styles an all, converting the pages which need to have content changed into Armadillo Stacks. Then you won’t look back.

Good luck!


For sure I will try that, THANK YOU!

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Thank you Steve, you gave hope :slight_smile:

Steve, Monica - Yes, DropBox will work well for Project files themselves, provided these strictures are observed. For customization of Themes, some more thought is necessary.

Still feel that to be able to have a client updating content as much as yours needs, by all accounts, a CMS is the best solution.

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Thank you, I will try all options :slight_smile:

Good looking site Monica :+1:

Thank you!

Just finished 2 more, if you would like to have a look: and the Germen version of it is done but for the last 2 days I have issue with 403 forbbiden :frowning:
and other one just finished today:

Yes indeed no access to the German site, which system or stacks have you been using for the multi language implementation ?

… the last one looks good is your’s Design Studio yes? -looks great :slight_smile:
So you started with it at 2014 right?

No actually, after you have posted about ML I was almost done (I used Off–Set Page), but for sure next time if I got a new project will use ML stack!

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Thanks, just finished from it this morning! and yes is my home business. 2014 I started with Rapidweaver, Themes and now mostly with Foundry!

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@monica great concept as you mentioned on your site Simplicity and Clarity.
Foundry sounds good :+1:. Will give it a try on Foundry instead of Foundation, quite a long time now not sure which one to use.

As told before I have been in the design business before using mostly iWeb, Dreamweaver etc Adobe apps and design tools (I know some about html, css, js and qualifications in Graphic Design) but have been out of the business during a few years now. I’m quite new on RW.

Back in business soon hopefully, busy with a project and the design of my own business website on RW but will work it out on Foundry instead (IT & Business Solutions, focused on Web Design and DMS -Document Management).

Keep in touch :wink: