Translator stack?

how did you managed to have a few languages options? let me know how you did that

I also have the issue of automatic translation (within the European Union there are 20 different languages) and was looking to make use of the DeepL APIs to accomplish the task.
Having a stack taking care of this would be great


Do you mean the the translation stack in my imaging site? It was a stack that DeFliGra sold. He’s no longer in business, but he sold all of his stacks to @Joe, who continues to maintain them (so, it is still for sale). Search for Translate on this page - it’s just $4.00.

Bought it. Still waiting for the email to arrive. Maybe I lost $4 dollars

Hi, I’ve been following this tread with intrest. Just a few thoughts…
The geo location would not work for me. I am a native dutch speaking person living in France with a browser (and OS + all of my software) set in English.

I am Belgian (3 official languages), so most of the sites I make are multi language. I use RWML (originally developed by Tsooj and taken over by Will Woodgate). I incorporate all the languages in one single website and let the visitor choose his/her preferred language via a menu. This choice is remembered by the browser (cookie).

The content has to be translated by myself or a professional translator, but that way you get a clean and correct version per language. Done this for many years and it works perfect.


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I use the recommeded Google trans stack from defligra for Spanish and OMG works perfect. I mean I’m still searching for mistakes or misspellings and right now everything’s perfect. Check it out here


Glad that you didn’t lose $4. :wink:


Depends on the target group, but for me it’s almost the same issue.

Usually I try to guess the language based on the broswer setting (as this is a user preference), if not given (or a list of languages is given), I either use the first language, or use (sometimes) GeoIP (in Apache) or fall back to english (usually the base language of all international sites) and offer a language selector in the header or footer (more common). If the user manually selected a language, this is stored in a cookie.


That would be awesome ! Thanks.

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