Multiple languages


I need to build a page that has text in different languages depending on the user choosing or country coming from.

Do you know what is the best way to handle text localisation in RapidWeaver?


Localizer stack from @instacks does this.


You can easily do this with the Agent stack by Joe Workman too.

I use RWML stack from @Joost (TsoojMedia). Works great for my 3-lingual site and all 3 languages reside on the same page.


Thanks for all the answers!


May I reactivate this thread…?
I am trying to find out the exact differences / pros / cons of the above mentioned stacks. Especially when used with total CMS. So, what are your experiences?
I want to avoid buying them all, since I want to use just one. :slight_smile:

I recommend RWML I use it for my site. It gives you total control for your translations and you can add as many translations as you need.
Heres a link

My site you can check -