Would you mind reviewing my site please?


I would really appreciate a review of http://studioshillito.co.uk/simonshillito.co.uk/ please.

Issues I know of/would like some advice on how to ‘make better’ are:

On the Portfolio page: (I call this the portfolio index page)

I have made the scrollable/hover link image using Stacks4Stacks Useful Stack, Adaptive Grid and HoverBox. In order to make it work I had to set the adaptive grids to the same size so that the images would sit side by side perfectly. This however, has meant I do I have a large section of white space at the far right hand side. Is there anything I can do about that?

Each portfolio page has been created with simple HTML, this however means that you can only click the cross (or go back in the browser) to return to the main portfolio ‘index page’. Is there a snippet of code I could add so that a user could press ESC to return to the portfolio index page? I have also thought another solution may be to utilise TopBox (also Stacks4Stacks) combined with HoverBox, but that would mean re-doing all 104 portfolio pages!!

As far as I know that is all.

In time I am going to rework this so it is more responsive; however, my client has suggested that this is not overly important as he believes people viewing it will be using large desktop computers. But I would quite like the challenge, so any suggestions from this point of view would be great too.

Thank you so much in advance you lovely people!

Nice website, well done.

But after viewing it for a while I got 2 problems:

  1. People don’t like to read vertically, so the portfolio is in my opinion not good. If you can make a timeline profolio but vertically (so that the title is horizontal) that would be so much nicer.

  2. Personally I would create 1 page for every project of your portfolio.


Thanks @gille, I get the vertical/horizontal text, but not too sure I understand:

Do you mean break up the index image so that each stage of my client’s studying/working is completely separate?


Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t see your question till now.
I mean:
Have each project link from your menu go to a seperate page yes. This would give your site a better ranking in google + gives you the freedom to fully show the project.

Of course this means also much work…

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