Dynamic panels for site

Hi, I’m wondering please if there is a resource for some stylised dynamic panels, the type of thing that people use as content for their sites?

I appreciate you can buy plugins that’ll do various cool stuff on your site but I’m referring more to the type of elements that make up your site. Panels of text, info, photos as such. I’m wondering if people here share their creations and we’re able to import those elements into your own sites, obviously editing the text and photos. I understand some people will think I’m just lazy but I just find it very time consuming doing all this type of thing and knowing how RW has advanced I’m just curious.

Many Thanks

Have a look at http://hipsterweaver.com, they sell professional pre-made RapidWeaver projects using the Foundation theme and stacks.

Thanks Joe looks cool especially Quad.

I have two sites keisner.com and magicians-london.com were both built using RW 6/7 years ago now, they need updating. I actually played with WordPress and whacked together something but I hate WP. I’m keen to get back into RW but I see so many advances, it seems a bit of a steep curve for me, hoping to catch up. Quad looks like something I can handle.

Thanks again, Adam