Turn short snippet into button made with stacks?

Hi! I’m trying to implement cartloom into a website biult with stacks. I got a snippet from cartloom, but don’t know how to intergrate the snippet into a button (made from stacks)… I’m using Joe Workman’s Links-stack together with the Jack stack to create a button that looks the way I want.

Here is the snippet I’m trying to make into a link that I can put somewhere.

<a class="cartloom-addtocart" href="https://sirbull.cartloom.com/cart/add/118391">Add to Cart</a>

How can I integrate this snippet into a stack? Now it is just text…

I found out a solution!
I didn’t know I could add a class to a link in the default rapidweaver link box. Thanks google! :wink:

Just type inn “class” under “name” and in this case “cartloom-addtocart” under “value” in the link popup box.

Or you could get the dedicated stack for that…? Download is at the bottom of the page.