Rapidwaver & Cartloom

Im making a simple RW Ecommerce site. I have looked at the options and have decided to go with Cartloom.

Seems great. I cant find any samples though. Except the Cartloom site sample. Has anyone made a RW & Cartloom site that I can take a look at?

My site uses Cartloom. I simply place the Cartloom script in my header, then the add to cart snippets inside of a Sweet Button stack. Really simple stuff.

Thanks ! Yes ! Thats exactly what I need to do. I have the sweet button stack, but how do I add the cart snippet inside the sweet button? …

Go to the advanced tab in the cartloom snippets. Look at the snippets there. The bottom snippet can go inside the body tab in the page inspector or site wide code. Then you will copy the URL and class from the add to cart snippet and place that inside of the button link.



O.K this is insanely cool. Have just changed out all my buttons / view cart / buy / view order etc for Sweet Buttons. Apple Green 2tone.
Cartloom 4 and Foundry or Foundation and sweet buttons = total control.
I have always avoided RW for ecommerce and used Shopify instead. But this is way more fun.
THANK YOU for taking the time to explain the button thing. Makes all the difference!

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