301 Redirect breaking images

Hello all,
I am trying to redirect my church website from a non www to a www URL. SEO says the site has duplicate content. To remedy this I have created a 301 redirect in my htaccess file, but it breaks all the images on the website. Needless to say I have commented the code out of the file. Could it be the settings in RW? Right now I have all files linked relative to page. I really don’t understand “relative to page” “relative to website” or “relative to DOCROOT”. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


First of all have you set up the website address in Rapidweaver to be the same as the intended redirect? Since you want your site showing up as www it should match that format precisely in the general settings under web address.

Personally I prefer relative to DOCROOT but only because it makes it easier to link pages when building the site. It eliminates the need to type in url every time.

Thank you for your reply. I have checked my general settings and I do have a www web address. I have changed from “publish relative to page” to “publish relative to website” a few days ago. I have added WP-Blog plugin page to the site and needed to change that setting for the plugin to work. I don’t know if that will change the 301 redirect, but it is worth a try. Thanks for your help.