Two free Stacks (limited time): Animation Stack

(DeFliGra) #1

Need a Christmas Card on your website… animated?

RapidWeaver example file included > no tutorial > but look at the example. The animations… create your own cool animations – simple or crazy – the Stacks settings + your images does it all.

You can make your animation as simple and stylish as you like – or add more PickMe Stacks within PickMe Stack within… to go wild. But do test in different browsers.

What I’ve learned from this little Stacks Animation Project is, that Safari does CSS animations way better than Chrome and Firefox… so do test in Chrome and Firefox > if you go crazy.

Download link (and a happy christmas):

Download + UnZip + DoubleClick Stack + Restart RW + Open RW DemoFile. That’s about it… and then play around. We’re living in a world where everything is streamlined, minimalistic, whitespaced and… sometimes we… I… need to take another direction before ‘getting back on track’. A little CrazyNess to ease the mind.

I haven’t had the time to create an online demo… and I can’t find the time… in 2017. I will next year… if you create something nice, special, cool – let me know. Thx.

Oh, did I say that in the zip-file you also get a cool, easy grid / column stack? No, I didn’t – but you do.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year – to all RapidWeavers.

Best | DeFligra |
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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Hi @defligra, it looks great, a nice gift from you as always. Thank you very much :smiley:
I wish you the best with these holidays and a very prosperous 2018 :christmas_tree::fireworks::champagne:


(DeFliGra) #3

Thank you :slight_smile: Best wishes from first floor, Denmark. You too… do well in 2018. I’m really looking forward… think and hope it’ll be a great year.

(DeFliGra) #4

Just a peak at the settings – the PickMe Stack was developed to promote a website who needed a link between their website, facebook page + a competition.

Settings: Info. Timing. Animation. Setup. Monster (Crazy) stings. Spin animation. Jump animation. Color animation + settings to adjust when BreakPoint is reached.

Let’s go Crazy… just a little…

(Mark Spaulding) #5

It is very kind and generous of you to offer this gift!



(system) #6

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