AnimateIt 2 Released

AnimateIt does as the name suggests, and makes is possible to apply animations to basic stacks or other elements in a webpage. This stack is both fun and easy to use. Over 50 different animation effects are supported. These animations can ‘fire’ on page load, click, mouseover or scroll.

Example situations where AnimateIt could be useful include having sections of a page (like a horizontal banner) slide into view when the page is scrolled down, animate a subheading with a subtle fade effect, or give a clickable image a mouseover effect.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • Merged the former Enclosure and Content stacks into a single stack element
  • A more efficient codebase that will help create faster-loading webpages
  • New icons, meta data, update checking, support links and other items required by Stacks
  • Improved the presentation and ordering of animation effects, so they are easier to find and test
  • Simplified the editing interface, to make the stack quicker and easier to use


There are too many animation effects to show on a single page! So be sure to take advantage of the free demo version provided, to download and have a play with the stack yourself. This stack was formally developed by Tsooj Media.

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Hello Will (@willwood) , I have this stack of Tsooj Media, I’m not sure if I have it updated to version 2. How can I proceed to verify it? Cheers

No automatic update for version 2. The stack was previously provided for free. I am now charging a small fee for it (in reflection of the amount of time, resources and new features I have put into it). The consensus was that it should become a paid stack, so it could be kept updated and better supported.

This month the stack is already 50% off its normal price, and this discount will merge into our Black Friday discount towards the end of the month.

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It is, indeed, a very modest price!

Thanks for the prompt response. No problem, it’s a fair price 50€ off. I will acquire the stack without a doubt.

Greetings and continue your great work.

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Instant buy :smiley:

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