Typed.com - What is the point?

With the apparent death of Rapidblog, and the need to reintegrate a site that has been split between a self-hosted RW site and a Wordpress membership site, I am looking at the remaining blog options.
I have spent a fair bit of time over recent months looking at various Typed.com blogs and I am still at a loss as to the reason for the platform.
Who uses a Typed blog with RW? Why?

I know it costs more. ($120-$500 per year)
I know it looks very simple, and I suspect it might be easier to use than Wordpress. Is it easier than Blogger?
It seems that a Typed.com blog would be hosted offsite and might affect the SEO for my site. Is this true?
There seems to be very little navigation other than flipping pages.
How is this better than RapidBog, or the built-in plugin?
Will the built in plugin be eliminated in future RW versions in order to encourage us to switch to Typed?

Take a look at this thread , might give you a start.

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Luckily, not the case any longer :slight_smile:

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there are a couple of options out there
Armadillo is one Joe workman as one I believe

Details here. Good luck!


It can be a stand alone blogging platform or an entire stand alone website. It does not need to be integrated into RapidWeaver to function out of the gate and you can assign a custom domain name to it as well :slight_smile:

It does not integrate into RapidWeaver without using either @instacks Blog Stack or an offsite page type (maybe even PlusKit but I have not tried it)


Maybe @iansinclair you could try it for a month and see what it can do and cancel if you don’t like it.

Perhaps your opinion of it will change once you use it, perhaps not but for the low fee for a month usage to play with it is well worth it to decide if it would be beneficial to you or not.

Asking for feedback from people that do use it or know a little about it is not a good source for gathering information to make a decision. Trial it, cancel if you don’t like it would be my suggestion, there is no minimum term to have a typed.com account, it is a month to month service, cancel anytime.

Just a suggestion Ian


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