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Ok so I know this is a RapidWeaver Forum but as you have removed the Typed,com forum and you don’t seem to be answering typed.com support email I am trying here to see what happens.

I have not been able to add posts to my typed.com blog for a week now. No one has answered the support email sent using the link on the website.

The only thing you do seem to keep doing efficiently is taking my money,

Looking through the forums here I see typed is in trouble and it’s life is limited but while you are taking customers money you really should be providing a service. And if you are going to end it you really should be letting us know.

So what is the situation with typed.com and how do I get help with my account.


Here’s the ‘latest’ (from April) that I know of.

Not sure why you’re not getting a response but I’d stop paying for the service and seek out an alternative as it is going to get shut down at some point this year…


Yes , I know I am going to have to move on, well now I have read the forums I do. I also see that an exporter was promised but, to date, has not been delivered.


One more reason to cut the ties with 3rd party blogs and services. If you want reliability, build your own blog with a tool that is independent of any “services”– tools like RapidWeaver, Stacks and Poster from @inStacks.

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Hey Steve @Macdevnet

Sorry to hear this. And I think the best way to help is to try and offer you a solution. All you want is your blog to be working.

Similar chat about Blogs going on over in this thread:

There’s a few options for you, including:

Writer is a solid blogging platform that works with RapidWeaver. We can’t offer an importer as you say without a Typed exporter, so you’d most likely have to start from scratch or copy/paste in. Depending on how many posts you have, this could be trouble.

That said Writer does have an exporter so should you wish to leave … it’s possible. If you want to go it alone as @Rovertek said, Pulse CMS works well in RapidWeaver also and has a RSS importer for blog migrations. Again though, this might not bring in all from Typed and you’re most likely looking at a difficult hump to get over.

Would be great to help out if we can but just best of luck with the blog migration.