[UIkit] New project: care for some Caviar?

(Lucas Tsolakian) #1

Hi weavers! I’m releasing today a new stylish single-page pre-build project for UIkit named Caviar.


Caviar main features:

  • Sliding menu on page scroll
  • Flexbox alignments
  • Slideshow with custom icon

Preview: https://uikitstacks.com/projects/caviar/
Quick buy: https://weaverskingdom.cartloom.com/cart/quickbuy/169685


(Matthias Ficht) #2

Instant buy without even looking at the Preview…, lol. :slight_smile:

Update: Now looking at the Preview: wow, very nice! Instantly saw some things which I’ll adapt to my own site over the weekend… (www.wolf-websolutions.de) :smile: