UK hosting companies recommendations

Looking for UK hosting companies recommendations with good tech support.
Been using them for years and dozens of sites. Really good prices and the support is excellent.

amazing support if you need it,

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Hi, we’ve been providing hosting for over 20 years in the UK and can provide hosting for RW sites, and provide 100% personal support without tickets or complications. Unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, and a full CDN, the equivalent of a fully paid up Cloudflare account, all included. Used by lots of RW users. Contact me for details and a discount :slight_smile: Auto-scaling for surges in traffic too.

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Hi @FutureBoy

We don’t have servers in the UK, but we are pretty close. Chillidog Hosting’s EU server is just across the “pond” in Germany. This provides great connectivity to both the UK and EU :slight_smile:

We’ve been building RapidWeaver addons for over a decade now and hosting for almost just as long. Let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help.


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Thanks for all your suggestions I’ve gone with Krystal. Million percent better support especially transferring over from my old provider.

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