A2 Hosting Official Rapidweaver Partners?

A2 hosting are official Rapidweaver partners and their prices seem pretty great for what they offer.

The only thing is, I’ve not heard anyone using them and I’m wondering why?

(I know lots of people use Chillidog; I know unlimited hosting doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited. I’m just curious).

I don’t use them personally as I have the perfect host in the UK, but I recommend them to my clients on the other side of the pond. I’ve got plenty of clients who use A2 and they’re very happy.

Thanks Neil. Just never heard anyone talk about them in the recommendation threads. Who do you use in the UK?

I use Guru. I’ve used a number of hosts over the years, Guru beats them all.

I use A2 quite a bit, where I refer my clients to. Great customer support there.

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I’ve just moved a number of sites to A2 because UK2, who’ve hosted most of my sites for years, started charging an arm and a leg for email accounts and also they charge for SSL certificates. A2’s support is very good and their prices are good, too.

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