Reliable hosting recommendation

Hi All,

We have been using for years, mainly because it is a green hosting service.

They now are having intermittent trouble with Uverse subscribers, so we are looking again for a new host.

Un recommendations for a reliable green hosting service?


I have no idea if they are green, but I highly recommend ChilliDog hosting. Owner/developer Greg also makes RW plugins and stacks, so he’s very familiar with RW needs. Very fast speeds, very reliable. More here:


In the UK, I’ve found Heart Internet great (but also I have no idea how green they are). Also heard good things about ChilliDog but have never used them.


For cheap shared hosting I couldn’t really fault

For VPS or dedicated solutions I like

In both cases I went through a few bad hosts before finding these two.

I’ve been using Servint for years. Never had any down time, and their support is quick and stellar.

I have used several hosts and registrars, (including GoDaddy), but I finally settled on DreamHost. I really like them a lot, and I haven’t had a single problem hosting RapidWeaver sites, or deploying stacks pages or other plugins using complex php scripts. Their prices are reasonable, and their support is quite good. Setting up databases is simple, adding additional users, etc. plus, unlimited space and bandwidth. I just really like them!

(Full disclosure: that DreamHost link above is an affiliate link. You don’t have to click on it. Just go to

Thanks All for your suggestions.

I believe we will go the A2. The know RW well and area green server. The latter is really important these days as our web servers utilize a LOT of energy and they planet has only so much to produce.

Thanks again.

For UK hosting, I’ve found very good. They went through a patch of rather poor tech support a long time ago but they’re very helpful these days. I have shared hosting with unlimited MySQL databases.

I forgot to mention that DreamHost is green, too. They are, in fact, totally carbon neutral. Here’s their page highlighting their commitment to the environment. (It’s one of the reasons I went with them, too).

I have been using Blue Host for years and never had an issues with them. and the customer service is great.
They are making a big effort to be green I’m not sure how they compare to Dream host standrds.
Regards Jeremiah

Big Chillidog fan here. They are incredibly helpful. I am not an IT person and they have been very patient with me. I would give them a try.


@garageshop Welcome, please let me know if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help. For being green, I have been actively planting real trees in Rain forests around the world. This year, I decided to do something a little different in honor of my late grandmother. So yea, I try to give back as much as I can and be open (and honest) about it! :smile:

Thanks @Mathew and @joenspa for the very kind words (and continued support!) :blush:



I have to jump on the Chillidog bandwagon as well. Greg is a RapidWeaver pro and offers fantastic support. I’ve worked with dozens of hosting providers over the years with clients as part of the RapidWeaver consulting that I do, and I’ve never worked with faster servers than Chillidog’s.

RapidWeaver Classroom


Can’t vouch for green credentials but I switched to Clook about 4 years ago and have never regretted it. Superb. General tip - if your host’s support isn’t 24/7 make sure you’re in the same time zone. I used to use Little Oak in the US and if there was an issue I couldn’t get any answer in the UK till mid-afternoon! Second general tip - Hosting company’s knowledge of Rapidweaver is a secondary issue compared to quality and fast support. God luck

Are you still with A2 and are you happy? Currently looking for a host.

Currently looking myself now. Years ago I had used GoDaddy. Found this site that gives comparisons. Not sure how accurate it is or that but gives me something to consider. (currently not working full time so looking for something reasonable but not lacking in support and features)

No complaints thuis far. Their support is top notch and they purchase Carbon offsets so they are a green hosting provider. This last point is the most important one to us.

Good luck.

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+1 for Chilli dog. Unbeatable service, Greg is most helpful and knows RW.

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Greg, I did not know of your commitment to green hosting. I love that you all are planting trees. When my current pre-paid contract expires I will move the sites hosted on that server over. Love it. Thanks for pointing it out.

In the UK I use Claranet and ICUK.
Both fast and reliable.
Not sure of their green credentials though.