Unwanted New home page folder created after publishing makes updates invisible?

Hi everyone. Im not the most experienced person regarding Rapidweaver but have been using it the last few years on and off.

Im currently using RapidWeaver 5 and have the following problem.

I believe this has started after I stated using some new stacks but I can’t be sure.

Problem is - When I publish my site, all is ok as the updates are going to the server,
but what I have found is it is creating a new folder which can’t be seen.

for example, I’ve been told by my host that the folder named (home) must be in lower case which I have reset it to. but as I republish a new folder is created again with a capital H. (Home) rather than (home)

please forgive me if I dont quite understand as I’m quite a newbe to this kind of thing.

Normally, RW does not create any “home” folder, so your host’s statement sounds odd to me. RW places your home page in the root of your website’s space on the server. Again, normally, that space is a folder called public_html, so all files generated by RW should be placed inside that folder.

If I were you, I would get a FTP client app (like Transmit, Yummy, FileZilla, etc), log into your domain on the server and see what is going on in there.