Adding New Pages Generates Warning!

Hi Everyone

Even after deleting all my pages… I get the following warning every time I create a new page in RW.

“Moving this page to the root of your site could cause it to conflict with your site’s homepage. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should change this page’s file name to something other than ‘index’”.

I am only at the start of a project so I can start over… but I would like to know why this even started in the first place so I don’t do it again. I assume there may be some old files remaining in the project even after deleting all the pages from RW.

@thebugnut, didi you figure out what was causing this problem?
This warning indicated that you are adding a file to a folder where the file name already exists.

For example, if your website is the first page you add will have an empty field in the “folder” setting and “index.html” or “index.php” in the “Filename” setting.

Having and empty folder name will place the file in the root directory of your site. In this example, the URL would be or

If you add a new page your project RapidWeaver will automatically create a Folder and name it “page” with a Filename of “index.html” or “index.php”. If you remove the Folder name without adding a new one then it will recognize that you are you are trying to add a file to a folder that already has that file name.

You can resolve this by changing the file name to something like “about.html” or you can change the folder the file id published to.

I know this is an old post and home that you have already resolved this. However, I figured it worth responding in case someone else comes across this looking for a solution in the future.