Home page not publishing?

I went through and renamed all my page Metadata headings so I could track what was going wrong and I cannot seem to see the home page RW Pages on left and FileZilla on right.

Home page meta data

What’s going wrong please?


We need a shot of your publishing page

Thank you for responding. Publishing set-up grab above.

you might want to cover your password…
Look in Filezilla public_html folder for index.html

Try changing this area
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 1.03.49 PM
to just /public_html

And changing password! thanks

Still no index.html in public_html

We can’t see from the screenshots the entire contents of the directories in question. It won’t be a folder name, but a file, usually listed at the bottom of the list.
Another thing, it’s really not good to have spaces and capital letters in the folder names. The folder names become part of the URL. You should only use lower case letters and - or _ as a separator no other special characters.

Your original path might have been okay. Right now you more than likely have two versions of the site out on the server. Once you figure out what the path is supposed to be you should do some housekeeping and delete the unused version.

Not the public_html inside of your url name…you created that…

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