UPDATE: A/B testing of page or stack content in Rapidweaver

Hi everyone.

Just recently switched to RapidWeaver (RW) after running mostly WordPress (WP) (and getting hacked way too many times). I’d like to make use of a function called A/B testing (that I can do in WP) in RW, however I’m unable to locate either a plug-in or stack that will allow me to accomplish this task.

For anyone unfamiliar with this concept, it works like this: clicking a link (ie google search result (GSR)) will take you to the the page and display it normally. Another person selects the same link in GSR and will be taken to a similar, but different, page. subsequent activities on either page (ie: registering to receive a report) will cause the action to be logged (relative to the page loaded) and the selected activity to be carried out normally.

Example: I have two pages that are identical except I’m using two different pictures. I’d like to find out which picture is more acceptable to my viewers and log which page (different pictures) receives more clicks requesting to download the report.

Sounds pretty simple (it must be if WP can accomplish it), eh?

I have been all through the now 41 pages of stacks (nice to see that everyone is getting caught up once again after the latest versions of RW have come out) and I’m just not seeing anything that even remotely looks like it will perform this function.

I understand that I CAN run WP from RW, however I’d really like to get away from WP and concentrate on RW as I’m learning that it’s far superior for my requirements.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

The very simplest way would be to use something like the Doobox spin stack to show randomised content.
Each different stack could link to a different page with a Google Analytics code to monitor which one is the most popular.


@richardnicholls Thanks Richard! I really appreciate your input.

I have seen that stack, however did not see any way to have the updating controlled automatically.

I’m looking for something along the lines of automatic functions. This is a relative easy task to do in WP by adding a plugin, and addresses all of the needed functions that are configured. I can then work on a predetermined schedule to clean-up/make adjustments. It’s just more time efficient for me.

Thanks again for the recommendation, I appreciate it greatly!

UPDATE: has anyone had any experience with “Content Switcher Stack” by Barz Stacks??? This seems to do most of what I’m looking for, however it lists stacks 2.x as the required stack version.

Update: has anyone had any experience with “Post Switch” and/or “MultiSwitch” stacks by Bryn Owen Design? This is another one that has potential for creating conditions to accomplish the switching, but seems to be requiring some extensive programing to accomplish it.