Switching between two versions of a website

The website I am working on is a marketing site for a Web App. We want to have two versions of the website that we can switch between- one that has the link for a free trial of the app, and one that just has info about the app. I’d prefer to keep these pages in the same project so that I do not have to duplicate the blog, but there will be changes to the wording on the home and contact us pages.
I am using rapidweaver, with the foundry and alloy plugins.
What is the best practice for accomplishing my goal here?
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum,
Could you elaborate on what is going to determine the “switching”. You said two versions of a website, but you want to share stuff like the blog, how does a user go to one site or the other, is it a separate URL?

Hi Doug,
We want to be able to either turn “on” or “off” the free sign-up for our web app by controlling the website content. This gives our team the ability to control how many people are using the app at a time. One version would have the links and wording to get people to sign up now, the other version would say “come back soon for the trial”. Only one version would be live at a time. Keeping them in the same project allows us to keep the same blog, and seems easier to manage generally.
Hope that helps, but let me know if you need more clarification. Thanks

How much is changing between the two sites?

Is it just some text or a bunch of stuff?

How many pages are involved in the change?

It would be some text, and the removal of some buttons (links to the web app). It would change the home page and the contact page.

There’s some CMS solutions that you could possibly use.

You could also do some page shuffling either on the server are within RapidWeaver and then republish.

What would you recommend I do if I wanted to pursue page shuffling? A CMS is not in the picture at the moment.

Could you use the Foundry A/B stack to achieve what you want?


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I forgot all about the A/B switcher (thanks @robbeattie), that would be the most straight forward approach.

Depending on the page layout you might need more than one A/B switcher on the page. Just remember to switch all of them and republish.

That sounds like a great solution- I will try that out today! Thanks for your advice.

My Agent stack (on sale this week actually) can customize content based on the subdomain that its running on. So you can have the same project but customize the content like you want on each domain.

This is the stack you would use in the set…

CleanShot 2020-09-02 at 07.03.42

I should add that the benefit of Agent here is that its 100% automated. You don’t have to remember to manually switch any content when publishing. If you are anything like me, you will forget. Then you will have the wrong content on your websites.

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