Update a custom theme style across pages

I have the theme Master Style and a Custom Style. I use the Custom Style on several pages on a website. When I change fx a colour in the Custom Style on one of the pages and then update the Custom Style, I would expect the change to affect all pages using the Custom Style. But this doesn’t happen. I have to choose the Custom Style again for all pages using it for the change to show on the other pages. Very cumbersome!

Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of Rapidweaver?

Re-saving the custom style with the original name will require you to update the other custom pages in just the same way as saving the custom style with a new name would. Frustrating but logical.

Yes, but why can’t it work like Partials do? Once you change something in a Partial, all pages that include that Partial get updated automatically. Would be nice, if updating Theme Style worked that way, as well…

Quite agree. It’s always been like this and maybe nobody’s really requested an update for this functionality. I suppose the principal is that custom styles will only be occasional / ad-hoc and hence it’s no big deal to update a few. It’s only an issue when you don’t use the Master style very much if at all. It is after all a ‘custom’ style and not a ‘master style’.

Right. Personally, I almost never use a Master Style. Instead, I have at least 5-6 Custom Styles in each of my projects.

Each time I change something in a Custom Style, I have to go to each and every page containing that style and re-select that style within the Custom Style List. Thats a lot of wasted time and productivity. Not to mention, that sometimes I may overlook a page, publish, find the mistake in live page, go back to RW and repeat the process. Happened to me once before.

Before the invention of Partials, that was no issue. But now, there is no reason for this situation to still exist, is there? Therefore, can we ask for this added feature in RW, @ben and @realmac?

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Hi LJ and Rob D, thanks for your feedback. Nice to know it wasn’t just me being stupid :slight_smile: And to know that others would like this feature.
I’ve now made a feature request ( One custom style to rule them all! )

I guess the key thing is a Custom Page is just that - a Custom, individual page and not a Master page. The feature you are requesting is more like a second master page- which might be nice to have.

I agree. What I’m requesting is for Custom Styles to work like the Master Style, so it would be like having more Master Styles.

A big problem with how custom styles work at the moment is that you can have the same Custom Style, named fx “My Alternative Style”, assigned to several pages, but the style on those pages can be completely different even though they all say they use “My Alternative Style”. Because if you alter the style on one or more of those pages the others don’t get updated with the changes, not even if you click “update custom style with current settings”. That is, in my opinion, a big no-no in any userinterface.

By the way, your input is valuable to the discussion of this feature, so please add further comments to the feature request thread that I’ve linked to in my previous post here.