One custom style to rule them all!

(Torben Devantier) #1

WHO ON EARTH would want two pages in Rapidweaver that use the same custom style to not use the same style settings?

IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE that it is even possible to have different style settings on two pages that use the same custom style. If you want two different styles you would make two different custom styles, right?

But it so happens that when I update a custom style in Rapidweaver, with fx a new colour, I have to go to every page using that custom style and reselect the style for the change to take effect. It can be a very cumbersome process and if you miss a page you loose consistency on your website.

So please make the great Rapidweaver a little better by making custom style changes automatically change across all pages using it.

Update a custom theme style across pages
(Greg Schneck) #2

:thumbsup: and +1 to that

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3


Master style for themes, partials for Foundation/Foundry, or global CSS coding is already giving you that functionality.

(Greg Schneck) #4

Well yes… but I think a lot of people who use RW don’t know what css is… and new users have no clue what “partials” are. RW itself should handle this… it is odd to me that when I change a custom style I have to re-apply it to every page that uses it.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

Which custom style are you talking about. A screenshot please.

(Rob D) #6

We were discussing this topic yesterday in this thread.

Like the original poster, I would like to see this as a standard feature of RW. It is only logical and natural for Custom Styles to update automatically on every page that uses those Custom Styles.

CSS does not really apply to this particular issue.

(Torben Devantier) #7

Hi Jannis, thanks for your input. I’ll try to explain what I mean with an example.

I am in the making of a website. I am using Rapidweaver. I use a Master Style for the website. The Master Style is the basic layout for most pages on the site and has no sidebar. In one or two subsections of the site I have a number of pages where a sidebar makes sense, so I create a Custom Style named fx “Pages with a Sidebar”. Way into development I decide to make some style changes to the sidebar, fx the colour and width of the sidebar. I make the changes and update the custom style “Pages with a Sidebar”. I think it would make sense that all pages using that Custom Style then updates with the new changes. Instead I have to go through all pages with a sidebar and select the Custom Style again for the changes to show, and that does not make sense to me.

Do remember that Rapidweaver is also aimed at sorry amateurs - like me :wink: I’m a physician with limited coder skills. I do use partials, but only a bit of CSS. So these implemented features is very helpful.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #8

@dan something for a next release?

(Greg Schneck) #9

I just want to confirm… I too have to go and reselect each page that has the custom style for any change to that style to go into effect. I have 1200 plus page site. You can understand the issue… It didn’t take long for me to start doing all my own styling with css but I’m thinking of the users out there who don’t even know there is such capability. Plus, it just makes sense that a change to a custom style should automatically update all uses of that style.

(Aaron Marquez) #10

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. Looks like we may need to revisit this aspect of RW.

Curious if anyone has tried using the Master Style functionality? Essentially you’d want this capability from any page in a site, if I’m understanding correct?

(Aaron Marquez) #11

Reading back over and think I’m getting a better sense of what’s going on. You’re creating a custom style and the pages with the style aren’t being updated, unless you re-select the style on those pages?

(Greg Schneck) #12

yes… that is correct… after a change is made to custom style it must be reselected on each page page if you want the new on that new page… else that page doesn’t change…

(Aaron Marquez) #13

Okay, bear with me as I grasp what’s going on here. I want this to be right for you all! :slight_smile:

Does this issue exhibit when using the Master Style function in the site settings area?

For the page styles, if you deselect “use master style”, then technically (even though selected), a different style has been created. This is the reason the style isn’t updating on pages associated with that style. In other words, you’ve left the master style and are working on a totally different style now (in RW’s eyes).

What would work in this case, an overwrite function for existing styles or a “edit style” button that takes you to the master style to make the necessary adjustments?

(Rob D) #14

No, Aaron, this is the issue when we use custom Theme Styles. More accurately – when we assign that style to several pages, then change something in that style and save the change. The page we currently work on gets updated, however, all other pages using the same custom Theme Style do not reflect any changes, until we go to those other pages one-by-one and re-select the custom style in the list of Theme Styles (please, see the screenshot few posts up).

(Torben Devantier) #15

There is no problem with the Master Style. The problem arises when using the Master Style AND a Custom Style for a subset of pages on the same website.

Let’s say I have a site with 100 pages. On 80 of them I use the Master Style, no problem, but on 20 of the pages I want to use an alternative style. I then

  1. make a new page, deselect “use master style”, tweak the style settings, and save the custom style as “My Alternative Style”.
  2. I then create the other 19 pages and apply the custom style “My Alternative Style” to them (after unticking “use master style”). All is now great until:
  3. Later on, if I want to make a change to “My Alternative Style” on all 20 pages, I have to go to one of those 20 pages, make the change, and chose “update custom style with current settings”. THEN I have to go to the other 19 pages, one at a time, and select “My Alternative Style” for the pages to reflect the new changes.

Rapidweaver should, in my opinion, update the other 19 pages automatically - I can’t see why it shouldn’t! After all, this is how the Master Style works. And it really does not make sense that it is possible for “My Alternative Style” to be different on different pages (until you manually update it on every page using it).

NOTE: my post title “One custom style to rule them all” may be a bit confusing. I don’t mean that a custom style should replace the Master Style or anything like that. Just that updates to a custom style should actually update that custom style on all pages using it.

(Torben Devantier) #16

Another thought on the issue that may clear things up a bit:

Basically, there are three ways styles are used:

  1. A base style used on most (or all) of the websites pages (which is covered by using the Master Style in RW).
  2. A unique style for the occasional webpage that needs it’s own unique style (which is covered by using a Custom Style in RW).
  3. A style for a subset of pages that needs to look the same, but also be different from the Master Style (there is no support for this in RW - you have to use a Custom Style, which is not suited for this purpose because you have to manually update every page overtime you make changes to the custom style settings).

(gary pullings) #17

+1 not only a yes but a hell Yes. I hate going page by page to do this when I make a change to the page. I have over 100 pages on the site I use and OMG it is a pain to change.