Noticing issue with Themes & RW... specifically, customizing


Not sure if this is a RapidWeaver 6.3.8 issue or generally how things are done…

I use a Theme for a site

I modify the Theme using Master Theme settings and site wide CSS

I save the modified theme as my own Theme Styles (giving it a name) and setting it as the default Theme Style.

On each page I add to the site, I uncheck using master theme and select my named Theme Style (Has to be done to adjust banner and FA icon).

Now, for every single page on the site, the modified theme style and all it’s associated assets, js, css files, etc are added in the files folder for each page thereby increasing my website size dramatically on the server, not allowing for cached js/css/fa calls, etc which in turn is slows the site down.

The only modifications on each page is a banner image selection and FA selection to represent the page type from the Custom Saved and specified masterTheme style.

So, instead of 75-100 files, I am now uploading 800+

Is this a known issue/feature?


This is currently the expected behaviour: could you send us a project file for this, so we can see whether there’s any further optimisations we can note to investigate? Master Styles and the ability to override specific styles on a per-page basis without needing a custom theme upload, are something we’re looking at in the longer term.



Thanks @nikf, details sent.