Updated to Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2, problems with RW Stacks "Jumping" when I click

Hi all,
I thought I had resolved this problem by adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse tracking in the Mac OS preferences. But alas I see the problem again today.

I’ve been working on my site for weeks and weeks and RW has been great. Yesterday (for various reasons related to a video editing project) I upgrade the Mac OS to Sierra.

Now when I go to Rapidweaver, whenever I click a stack it jumps a little, as if I was clicking and dragging. The problem is, it is now nearly impossible to edit text in ANY text stack. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get the text stack to allow me to edit easily. Randomly the text stack will go into edit mode, but it can take 25 clicks or more.

Anyway, there is RW before the Sierra update and RW after the update. So far RW is almost unusable in Sierra for me.

Literally everything on my computer is updated to the latest (RW, Foundation, Stacks, Mac OS, etc)

This problem ONLY occurs in RW, and is most noticeable in the BWD Header Pro stack, but is still a show stopper in any text stack, as well as all other stacks “jumping” when I click on them.

I have done extensive testing in the Finder and a huge variety of other apps, no problems at all. Only in RW.

Any thoughts are appreciated (Other than "you shouldn’t have update to Sierra :slight_smile:

I’m running Sierra. Most things work fine.
Latest update was for the fancy new touch function keys on new laptops. Could be tied to that?

I see a problem vaguely similar to your description in other (usually graphics) apps, like an old copy of Illustrator, but its not Sierra specific. I’ve seen it ever since about Mavericks.

Which machine? Are you using the touch sensitive wireless mouse?
If you have an old usb mouse lying around, you might try that & see if the problem persists, or change the mouse settings & turn off the touch feature. (rather than mess with the settings, going to the wired mouse is easily reversible & less intrusive, imo).