Rapid Weaver 6 - weird stuff going on

My RW6 (MacBook Air 2015, OSX 10.13.1) is increasingly going mad. A few months ago it repeatedly started doing multiple exports (sometime six) when going from edit to preview mode and now for no reason I can see is regularly forgetting the recent projects. Anybody seen this before or know a fix please? Have tried going back to early previously trouble free RW6 files and same thing happens to them.

I’m not sure what the issue with RW6 is, but why don’t you upgrade to RW7? It’s 50% off for a short time. The discount is only applied after adding it to the cart. Upgrade for $24.50


Hi, Nigel,

Do you, by any chance, use wireless keyboard and/or wireless touchpad? Sometimes, when they run out of juice (battery power), they cause some very weird and seemingly unexplainable problems. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know this is a long shot, but it’s possible. The other day I watched my text disappear letter-by-letter when, by an accident, I barely touched my wireless touchpad during typing. I checked the power level and it was down to 13%. It could be coincidence, of course…

Many thanks NeilUk & Rovertek. Have taken NeilUk’s advice and the problems here vanished using current website file! Just to complete loop to confirm no wireless keyboard /touchpad is used here. Thanks again, Nigel

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I think that might be the issue, you’re running a fairly older version of RW(6) with the latest version of MacOS. If I understand the problem you’re having, it was with the preview function in RapidWeaver. There was issues with RW7 during the betas for OSX 10.13, that we’re resolved by a RW update if I remember.

I would recommend you take @NeilUK’s advice and upgrade to 7.

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