Upgrading from RW7 7.5.2

Hi, currently on Upgrading from RW7 7.5.2
Have not upgraded or updated in a very long while would really like to bring my RW up to scratch.
What is the best way to go about this just go straight to the current version?
Would this effect any of my projects?

Sorry if this is a silly Q just want to do it right.

Here’s a help article to guide you. It’s for upgrading to RW8 from previous versions.



I found this the easiest RW upgrade ever. However, you can’t convert a project to RW8 and then go back and open that project in 7.5, so what I did was to keep all my old 7.5 projects and work on copies.

I’ll keep the old projects for another few months and then dump them.


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Good tip! Thank you.

Thank you I have upgraded now. Very smooth.

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