Upgrade from 5 to 7

(Ann Gardiner) #1

I have Rapid weaver 5 but need to upgrade to 7. If I upgrade can I transfer the website straight away without doing a lot of editing?

(Dan) #2

Hey Ann,

We have instructions on how to do it here:

Hope that helps!


(Ann Gardiner) #3

Afraid link doesn’t work

Best wishes

(Rob Beattie) #4

Try this Anne.


(Ann Gardiner) #5

That’s fine. Do I have to pay to get this upgrade?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Yes, the update to RapidWeaver 7 will be a paid update. Any update from one version number to another will be paid, for example, 5 to 7. But if you had 7.0 and were updating to 7.5.5, then it would not be a paid update.

(Mark Mason) #7

Beware. I am having nothing but massive problems related to the site Theme that RW7 cannot find and therefore I cannot open my RW5 project in RW7. I have not received any assistance with this problem other than for forum users telling me this is a known problem.

(Rob Beattie) #8

Mark, where did you get this ‘Geographic’ theme from? I’ve been knocking around the RW world since 3.5 and have never heard of it.



(Ann Gardiner) #9

Downloaded rapid weaver 7 as instructed. no problem with that. How do I migrate them from 5 to 7?

Best wishes

(NeilUK) #10

(Ann Gardiner) #11

I can’t open my projects in rw 7 and the article doesn’t say how to do it.

(NeilUK) #12

You need to be using RW 5.4.1. Do you have 5.4.1 installed?

Item 2 in the support article “Open your older project files (either with a .rwsw or .rwp extension) with RapidWeaver 5.4.1, and then save the project, to ensure it’s in a format that RapidWeaver 7 can read”

(Ann Gardiner) #13

Have managed to do it thank you


(system) #14

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