Upload to root level

(David Jenner) #1

I know it’s possible to use RapidWeaver to upload assets via the Resources folder but is it possible to upload directly to the root level of the server folder?

I’ve downloaded a submit file from the Google Search Console and this needs to be located in the root level and the only I can see to add this is to do it manually.

(Lisa Sandler) #2

Yes, that’s correct. and any warehoused images would also be uploaded manually. You can do it from your host, or you can use something like Cyberduck.

(David Jenner) #3

Just as I thought, thank you. :+1:

(Doug Bennett) #4

I’m assuming you are talking about the ownership verification HTML file?
You can publish it within RW. There is an easier way.

  1. Choose the altnerative method From the google console
  2. Choose HTML tag
  3. Copy the Meta tag
  4. Paste into the head section of your home page

If you still want to do it with the HTML file from google:

  1. Create a blank html page
  2. Set the folder to /
  3. Use the filename google gave you
  4. Uncheck show in navigation
  5. Uncheck apply theme
  6. Copy the file from google to the new HTML page.

(David Jenner) #5

Even better!

Thank you Doug.

I guess the question needs to be asked, “Does this Google feature make any difference to the SEO of a site” or has this effectively been replaced with site content?

(Doug Bennett) #6

What this meta tag or HTML page does is establish that you are the owner or agent of the URL. This allows you to access the search console (a valuable tool) for this URL.
You can check backlinks, submit sitemaps test robot.txt files, check internal links, stats and more.
As far as helping your SEO ranking I don’t think having it or not will make a difference, but using the tools and making adjustments will.

(Tomas Jakobs) #7

Mmmm what’s about just uploading the required Textfile via FTP to your Webserver?

(Doug Bennett) #8

You sure can FTP the HTML file. He was asking if there was a way to do it within RW. The meta tag in the head section of the home page is the easiest way.