Uploading via filezilla - where do I find files?

HI my web host is using TSL 1.2 and I am unable to publish normally using rapidweaver. They suggested using filezilla. I have got filezilla up and running and I know this is a stupid question for most but where do I find my rapidweaver files, in my case public_html?

Instead of publishing directly to your web sever, you need to use the File --> Export command to create the actual HTML files you need. When you publish, RW creates these files in a temporary location and then uploads them to your server.

You’ll be using FileZilla to do the upload. You need to use the Export function to generate the HTML files. You can export to a folder on your desktop and then upload the contents of that folder to your public_html folder.

Perhaps someone else can help you get RW publishing to your host, but in the mean time, this should get your site updated.

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Thank you I will give this a try

I have copied in a totally new public_html folder with the current rapidweaver files into filezilla but when I look at the site there is still the old menu trying to link to pages that no longer exist. Is this something I should take up with my web host provider?

Not sure what you mean by a "totally new public_html folder. There can be only one public_html folder on your web server. If you created a new one and transferred the files into it, you’re probably still serving the old pages from the proper public_html folder. You need to overwrite the old files in the old location on your server.

Thank you for your time Don. I contacted my web hosting provider and hey suggested clearing my cache. I cleared my history and the newly published website came up properly. I am such a hack. I am all self taught and very much a newbie. It has been a steep learning curve these past few days. Again, thanks

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public_html is one of several names given by convention to the folder/directory on your host’s server into which you upload files for publication (for display in a browser like Safari) on the web.

What you will want to do is ‘publish’ locally all the pages, images, data, JavaScript, CSS and so which you have built in RapidWeaver into a directory which you can create and call anything you like on your own computer - perhaps even on the desktop.

FileZilla then comes in when you want to move those exported local files up to the server manually - instead of having RapidWeaver do that for you automatically - presumably because of the limitations with your host.

So there are two locations which you are controlling:

  1. the local (on your own machine) directory, which you don’t have to call public_html, and
  2. the remote (on your host’s web server) directory - which is probably called public_html (or in some cases www) - into which you are going to transfer the files from your computer using FileZilla

Having made sure that you have backups of your RapidWeaver project (and perhaps even its local export) files, you will want to tell FileZilla to overwrite the existing files in the public_html directory/folder on the server so that what you upload replaces the earlier files which you do not want. You can also probably use the FileZilla ftp software to list and delete files before you begin your upload(s). Though be careful when doing this, as there will be no recovery of files which you may have deleted by accident.

This page might also help… Good luck!

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