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(Tim) #1


I’d like to make certain forms available for upload/to download in a secure area of my website and WeaverFM looks the part. I’ve searched for WeaverFM in these forums and can see no replies for a while .
Is it still supported? If not, is there an alternative?

Thank you


(Gregory Barchard) #2

Hi Tim

No replies to what exactly? Did I miss a post? Yes it’s still supported. I’m not sure the old posts were migrated over to the new forums.


(Tim) #3

Hi Greg,

Good to hear from you. I’m still getting my head around the new forum - I’m not here like I used to be to track it all.

So yes ! I’d really like to try out WeaverFm but for me when I install it I get a “not compatible with RW6” message, but that said the date of the plug in is October 2014. I follow the link to the rapidweavercommunity page for a more recent version, but when I click “download demo” I get a “Product not found” error.
Also (maybe I’m just unlucky today) if I go to the product page > client management > view example and use the user/password to log in, should I be able to see example files? I just get returned to the example page.

So sorry for all my questions.

Hopefully user errors on my part.

Thank you


(Gregory Barchard) #4

Hi @timtempest , Please grab it here. Thanks

(Tim) #5


Got it, thank you