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I’d like to make certain forms available for upload/to download in a secure area of my website and WeaverFM looks the part. I’ve searched for WeaverFM in these forums and can see no replies for a while .
Is it still supported? If not, is there an alternative?

Thank you


Hi Tim

No replies to what exactly? Did I miss a post? Yes it’s still supported. I’m not sure the old posts were migrated over to the new forums.


Hi Greg,

Good to hear from you. I’m still getting my head around the new forum - I’m not here like I used to be to track it all.

So yes ! I’d really like to try out WeaverFm but for me when I install it I get a “not compatible with RW6” message, but that said the date of the plug in is October 2014. I follow the link to the rapidweavercommunity page for a more recent version, but when I click “download demo” I get a “Product not found” error.
Also (maybe I’m just unlucky today) if I go to the product page > client management > view example and use the user/password to log in, should I be able to see example files? I just get returned to the example page.

So sorry for all my questions.

Hopefully user errors on my part.

Thank you


Hi @timtempest , Please grab it here. Thanks

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Got it, thank you