Best way for client to upload downloadable files

My client develops oil & gas drilling software and would like to be able to upload trial software to the RW site I run directly on an ad-hoc basis for their potential clients to then download. Any ideas on the best way to do this?

The client could use FTP to upload the file to a specific folder.

You could use some code to pull in the contents of that folder and make a set of links automatically.

This stack may work for the second part :

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Chillidog Software’s WeaverBox or WeaverFM might be what you’re looking for.

RapidWeaver Central

Chillidog concept looks promising but appears out of date, documentation link not functioning, and sadly not RW6 compatible. Shame

@manofdogz If you look at the version history, both WeaverBox and WeaverFM have been updated for RW6.

OK - but I tried to download a free demo of WeaverFM (which looks the most promising from my cursory look) but it was pre-RW5 and wouldn’t open. It is something I would like to get my head around before purchasing

Looks like a possibility, thanks. I’ll give it a go and see if the link actually downloads an MSI file or whatever they will be using.

hi @manofdogz please grab the RW 6 version here. The best bet is to give these plugins a whirl. The demos are free and fully functional. (they just add a DEMO text to the output)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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I have to transfer large files to and from authors and use CloudSend by Coding King (available from Code Canyon). It works really well.

Thanks - I’ll give them a whirl

Joe workman has some great Dispatch stacks including

If you are using Total CMS then you have a good deal of options based on the needs of the site.