Any rapidweaver friendly plcae to upload

(Humberto Hernandez) #1

Just visited my first hosting service, they do not support RW. They recommend me filezilla for uploading to their service. I don’t want to change my uploading way that is using the RW program. Any hosting known that I can use upload using the Rapidweaver program? Please advice. Thank’s in advance.

(scott williams) #2

I use chillidog hosting, Greg is a RW developer himself, great hosting

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

There’s lots of services that will work with RW. However, like @swilliam I use Chillidog and have been extremely happy with Greg’s service.

(Monica Sayegh) #4

I also use chillidog hosting, great hosting and Greg is extremely helpful!

(David Chapnick) #5

After the great support I received from Jonathan for Armadillo, I switched to Nimblehost a while back and have been real happy.

(Gregory Barchard) #6

Ah schucks. Thanks everyone for the kind words :slightly_smiling:

@Printery how can I help you get set up and started? Happy to have you on board. I have a RW specific guide for publishing to Chillidog here. Any other questions I can answer? Please let me know