URGENT: RSS-stack wanted

(Will Woodgate) #21

More than likely your RSS feed is invalid or your web server lacks PHP / cURL support.

(PerF) #22

Use feedburner.com

(Traci L. SLatton) #23

I can get SOME stacks to work with my feed. Yuzool’s Feed stack works, but I don’t love the look of it. Feedslider works. It mystifies me.

(PerF) #24

Sign up for FeedBurner.com (google) - check your feed and let FeedBurner convert the feed - the use the http:// code from Feedburner.

I have a site with over 50 different feeds - and that all is converted by google.

remember http:// - not feed://

(Traci L. SLatton) #25

That’s what I have done. It’s a feedburner feed.

(system) #26

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