Using Adobe Spark

I’ve recently come across Adobe Spark which is a free website page builder that makes beautiful scrolling pages very easy to make. I was just wondering if anyone has used this in a RW project? I believe that the actual page is hosted on Adobe’s server then you create a link on your page but not sure as I’m new to it. It seems to have limited capabilities for menus so I’m thinking the actual structure of the site should be built in RW and then the page built in Spark. Any suggestions for how to do this properly?

Why should you mix Spark with RW content?

I guess to clarify what I’m trying to do is to essentially cut and paste the Spark content into my RW page. It’s easy to embed the content into the page or to create a link but I was wondering if the Spark content can be pasted into the page.

The reason for doing this is simply to make page building easier.

I think I see where you are coming from and offer three points:

  1. The mature state of the RW Add-Ons is such that I’d be surprised if you could not, with a little investment and study, recreate whatever you had in mind for Spark. There are going to be certain exclusions to this but I’d be surprised if you hit them in a free Spark package. The personal benefits to you in learning how to use RW/Stacks could be considerable.

  2. Sadly, its not likely to be as simple as copying and pasting a blob of html and expecting it to work. There will be references to dependencies, stying, scripts, content and libs that might be tricky for you to resolve without some help/guidance (forgive me if I’m calling that wrongly but given you are asking…).

  3. You might get away with pulling the content on the Spark page into your site by using an IFrame or an offsite page page-type. I hate iframes. I really hate iframes.

Hope this help and good luck.


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