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Fellow Weavers,

I am building a page that basically provides a bunch of different information about a specific topic. My examples from Wordpress Themes are below, but the most important part is that I can easily add pictures, stories, videos, or links about this topic to a page or pages that are fun to look at. I also plan on pushing out social media post when ever I add a photo, article, link, etc., but I presume that will be a separate action from updating the webpage.

Any recommendations on pre-made websites or pages, stacks, or themes? I don’t have a ton of time so I am likely going to use Foundry. Hopefully this helps narrow the discussion. Thx!



I’ve no idea if the design will work for you, but I’ve just (like in the last five mins) released my latest project for Foundry.

Architecture For Foundry

It’s called Architecture to reflect its design, not it’s intended use, it can, of course, be used for any type of site or business. As usual, it’s reduced to €15 for the launch period.

I’ll be posting proper about it tonight, but it’s available to buy now.

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@Rapidweaver I’m not sure how to respond to your post. If you are getting Foundry then a lot of questions are already answered! You can’t go wrong with Foundry and it offers lots of options. And @TemplateRepo has already provided an example of a pre-made template for Foundry. There are other pre-made websites offered. See https://egomade.com

Foundry offers add-on packs and Alloy for blogging. I’d check out each of those products and the specific stacks they offer. I don’t know that it would be a great fit for you but the new Alloy comes with Embeds (and some other nice features). Essentially this allows you to create/update content via a very nice online editor. Easy to add videos and images.

Perhaps one key thing to keep in mind is to start using Markdown (if you haven’t used it yet). It’s a super simple way of writing HTML. Markdown files are what Alloy uses, but Markdown stacks can be used within regular Foundry as well.

What WordPress offers that Rapidweaver (and various stacks) doesn’t is a super advanced Archive system. Essentially you can create a different look for your “lifestyle” category page in WP compared to your “sports” category page. I’m way oversimplifying things … but WP is very advanced in terms of offering nuanced ways to display posts.

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