Using an iPad as a second display with RW 8 Preview Windows


Does anyone have any experience using the new preview windows in RW8 on a second display, specifically an iPad?

I used to have two displays with a ridiculous ultra wide curved LG screen and a 27" Thunderbolt display. This was almost excessive so I’ve ditched the LG recently and had settled in nicely to using just the 27" Thunderbolt display.
Then RW8 comes along with it’s windowed preview panes and I miss that extra space again.

I have a mainly unused original iPad pro (the large screen one) and was thinking of putting it to use again as an extra screen.

Does anyone have experience of using RW8 preview windows on a second iPad display?
Any recommendations?
Duet Display from the app store seems to fit the bill with a cabled connection. Any thoughts?


Have a look at Duet:
If you still have the UltraWide LG you do know you can make it ‘think’ it actually 2 or more screens :

I use DuetDisplay on my iPadPro with RW8 quite often. Can confirm that it works well with the simulator windows.

@PaulRussam, @habitualshaker
Thanks both for the recommendation.
I’ve just purchased Duet.
Initial impressions are good.

I donated the LG to my son who will get better use out of it.
I didn’t think you could have too much screen space and bought the LG because of it’s Thunderbolt connectivity.
Seems that you can have too much screen space. Just to scan such an array with the physical movement of my head was excessive plus they looked ridiculous on my office desk.

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