Using Custom Fonts

So I see Foundry seems to integrate with Google fonts pretty well. I have a few fonts Google doesn’t seem to have in my Font Book on OS X

I’d like to use those fonts on my site.

Will they actually load on other people’s devices?
And does this require a new purchase such as Font Pro?


The first question must be, do you have the right to use these fonts online? Online use is often licensed separately. If you do, you need them in a suitable format. woff2 is probably the best choice as it is widely supported and smaller than the original woff. There are online converters which can make woff2 versions of your fonts. Now, whether you can use these in Foundry without an extra stack, I don’t know. Looking at the Foundry documentation, it doesn’t look as though you can – you only seem to have a choice of Google fonts or websafe fonts. I suggest you ask Elixir. You might try Fontamental from which is only £13.88 and you can currently get it for 40% off with their Black Friday deal. By the way, there are many great free fonts at


Foundry does have the Typeface stack which allows you to use custom fonts. I always use self-hosted fonts out of GDPR reasons.

I always use fonts from
There should be one close to the one you are looking into.


Good morning @pacman7293

As @Fuellemann points out, Foundry’s Typeface stack allows you to self-host your own fonts and tie them into the Typeface controls of Foundry. The documentation page for Typeface covers what the controls do, and there’s a tutorial video on that same page that walks you through using self-hosted fonts:


Well, you live and learn! I hadn’t looked at self-hosted fonts, but after watching the video, it’s a piece of cake! :+1:

2 Foundry sites converted in less than 20 minutes! :smiley:


I stand corrected. I’m sorry about that, @Elixir! Glad to know that Foundry supports self-hosted fonts without an additional stack.


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