Does FontPro work on Foundry?

Hello my fellow Weavers,

Does any of you know if @joeworkman’s amazing FontPro stack works on Foundry?

I emailed Joe about this but I think he is knee deep in coding as I have not yet heard back from him.



Don’t ha be Foundry but it should work fine. I use it in Source and also with some themes without issue.

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Additionally Foundry comes with a font management stack called Typeface: Typeface Documentation


Font Pro works in all themes.


Thank you all!


Thank you @Elixir.

For the benefit of all those Foundry peeps out there: Since I have been using Foundry from the get-go I decided to play around with Typeface today, as it comes free with Foundry and will obviously work in most Foundry stacks natively.

I am loving it. It’s very direct and powerful. I watched some of the Elixer videos about Typeface and that was all I needed.

I downloaded some strong Font Squirrel fonts, used the Font Squirrel generator to convert them from .ttf to .woff, put them in my RW resources, assigned them a Typeface number within the Typeface stack and voilà… managing my fonts has become click and go and the results are awesome.

I spent way more time looking for and trying on fonts than I did figuring out the Typeface stack and that is saying something in my case. :smile:


That’s really awesome to hear. Additionally Google fonts allows you to download their fonts too, so that’s even more to try out if you want to self host.

100% agree. The Typeface video completely demystified the entire process for me. There’s a big difference between telling what to do, and explaining how to do it. Adam gets it.

Over time, I’ve amassed a (shocking) number of stacks from various developers. 99% of the time I find myself going back to @Elixir’s stacks, because they just work, and his support is brilliant.


Same here, without self hosting I would have to add tons of text to my privacy declaration. Now I am really hoping to see self hosted video for the video zoom stack as well. @Elixir

(the reason is that I am obliged to add a consent banner if we embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, even if these services have a private mode enabled. The IP address from my website visitors still gets transferred in the US. And to add a consent banner just for this cause is too cumbersome and time consuming). So - please?


I apologize for interfering, but you can also view a small set of Fonts stack. For example, you can use the Simple Fonts stack to select your own font (ttf or others). Then specify the name in the same Typeface stack (Foundry) and assign a number.

@Fuellemann I’ll file this in the feature requests, if it isn’t there already. :+1:


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