Using existing html text in stacks html block

Trying to use html stack. I have html files which I want to link to from a Rapidweaver page. I insert the html text into the new stack page and link to it. But all I get when I preview is the html text itself. There do not seem to be any instructions outside of

  • This is the default HTML.
  • You can replace it with your own.
  • Include your own code without the HTML, Head, or Body tags.

Can any body tell this novice how to use existing html text. or tell me where there are some instructions. Thanks

Sorry, I don’t understand at all what you are trying to do. The html stack allows you to enter html code. It’s for those who know html. It’s also handy to use for code snippets, etc.

You say you have some html files and you are “inserting the html text into the new stack page.” That won’t work if the html you insert in has styles and such other code in it from another source. What is this html you have in files?

Thanks for reply. I am using “export files for web “ from a database. They are in html. I cut and paste them into the stacks html block. When I preview the block all I see is the html text not a web page for which it codes. I am missing something but don’t know what.


Do you know html?

1.) If it’s exporting full web pages that won’t work.
2.) If it’s not exporting inline css that won’t work, not even for small snippets. The html is not “stand alone.” You can’t simply export html and put it in other html (the RW page). Not only do you have the html but you have links to css, scripts, and other things.

Thanks for indulging me!
It exports two items. Web.css and the html in separate folder. So it’s not inline css I suppose and hence your no. 2 statement . Thanks anyway

Html stack? Did you check the box that says render html?

If you mean render php on local view in preferences , it is ticked.

can you share a url and the html you are using. It’s going to be pretty hard to solve this without something to go on.

Out and about at moment. Will do it later this (U.K.) evening

Been advised it won’t work without inline css so leaving it as I don’t have enough experience. I was trying to export for web from Devonthink database but that looks like its css is external.

Thanks anyway

Ed, you could try using an online tool to inline the CSS. You paste both the CSS and the HTML into areas and it will inline the CSS for you.

Here’s one:

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There is no reason you can’t include an external CSS file as well, or paste that CSS into the CSS area of the page inspector.

I hesitate to have him just add another CSS file into a RW page (or site) without some idea of what it contains. My guess is that it contains styling for a lot of basic html tags, like headings, paragraphs, etc., which may mess with the rest of the RW page formatting. Inlining the html you’re going to paste in is definitely safer, as the styling from Devonthink will only apply to it’s html.

Thanks for feedback and help. Best abandon this for me, not worth bothering people for the little bit I considered doing.


It’s not a problem. If you’d like do a test export and zip the CSS and HTML files and post (or message) me a link, I’d be happy to run it though an inliner, and we can see how it works. If you do, also let me know what theme you are using.


Thanks for offer. But I am beginning to think I am barking up the wrong tree. I use Devonthink data base extensively and publish a lot of local history stuff on the net at using Rapidweaver on some parts and Dreamweaver elsewhere. I wondered whether I could drop some DT info directly into Stacks by using DT’s exporting to web function and Stacks html block… DT gives me files like the those in folder below. I assume style.css is the external css. That then is as far as I got!

If it’s simple and not a time waster for you it would be nice to know how to go about taking data from DT and putting into directly into Rapid weaver but it’s no priority. So don’t go out of your way.

Anyway thanks for the offer.


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Ed @helloed,
The attachment didn’t make it. Might be too large, you can use something like Dropbox and provide a link.

Hi Doug

I put a DT web export folder with example files in link at

Does it make sense to you?


I don’t know anything about Devonthink. I took a quick look at the export folder and found it a bit confusing. The HTML files I looked at are XHTML 1 or HTML 4 complete pages? HTML5 is the modern standard and isn’t that new.

Not sure how well you could integrate these into an existing site.

Real thanks Doug. DT is a brilliant free form database but exporting web is clearly confusing and out of my depth. But Rapid Weaver Stacks are also confusing. Where can I find instruction how you use an existing html page in the Stacks html block. Where should the style, css be placed for instance or is that not for the novice and better left to experienced html coders?